Hunter Presbyterian is a small church that values listening, neighborly caring, and the warmth and sincerity of moral commitment. We strive to carry on the Reformed legacy of commitment to social justice, heartfelt and active missions, love of reading, and thoughtful conversations. Hunter Presbyterian Church is a place where young and old can come for quiet prayer and active service. We honor each person’s unique story and commit to nurture their special gifts, leadership, and spiritual calling.

A snapshot of our church’s life includes:

  • The Hunter Presbyterian Choir. We attract some of the best musicians from the University of Kentucky graduate music programs.  
  • Eco-Justice. Several years ago, Hunter youth led the congregation to become the first Earth Care certified congregation in our presbytery.  
  • Community Outreach. This summer we started a community garden that connects us in fellowship with our neighbors.
  • Mission. We participate actively in BUILD (Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct-Action), an interfaith, interracial grassroots organization for social justice in the city of Lexington.
  • Inclusiveness. We seek to model Christ in welcoming everyone.
  • As a congregation, we are mindful of the Reformed Christian tradition, but, seeking God’s guidance and grace, we are always reforming.

History of Hunter Presbyterian Church

Since its founding in 1931, Hunter has been a neighborhood church committed to serving the local community. Hunter actually began in 1927 as the Rosemont Sunday School. Organized by First Presbyterian Church of Lexington, and located on what was then the southern edge of the city, it offered residents of the area regular Bible study and worship opportunities. Within a few years, the Rosemont Sunday School became a new congregation, and under the leadership of Dr. H. H. Pitzer, Hunter Memorial Presbyterian Church was established on March 8, 1931, with the election of its first officers.

Over the years Hunter has maintained a reputation for thoughtful preaching, strong music and Christian education programs, and a passion for justice. Today these areas remain at the core of who we are.

What We Believe

As Presbyterians, we’re part of a broad theological tradition that traces its roots back to the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century and in particular the writings of John Calvin. Presbyterians hold many beliefs in common with other Christians, but we’ve tended to emphasize certain views about who God is and what our relationship with God is about. Together these views add up to a distinctive theological outlook.  For more on the national Presbyterian Church (USA), come to the PC(USA) main website.

We are deeply committed to democratic governance. Church members elect the leaders of the church, and send representatives to the regional and national governing bodies.  Our long history of self-government arises out of our Reformed theology that highlights the liberating, guiding power of the Spirit in prayerful, loving, and egalitarian community life.





(859) 277-5126

Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – noon.

Lynn Davis
Administrative Assistant